Satellite az/el antenna rotator with wifi control that you can 3D-print at home

Affordable az/el satellite antenna rotator for radio amateurs

The onboard microprocessor has wifi-capability and can be controlled automatically with an easy to use android app that you can install for free from Google Play, or with the free PC program Gpredict or other rotctld-compatible software.

The rotator has a mount on top that allows for many different kinds of antennas, perfect for getting started with satellite communications.

Who is it for?

Amateur radio is a great hobby for tech lovers and today there are a variety of satellites that anyone can listen in on using cheap SDR equipment (Software Defined Radio) connected to your computer. Receive simple telemetry-data, download satellite imagery or even try out two-way communication.

Many “CubeSATs” are now also in orbit – small, privately funded satellites built by schools, universities and enthusiasts. Even the international space station regularly transmits images by radio, using what is called “Slow Scan TV”.

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Made in Sweden by

SM7YSA Daniel Nikolajsen

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