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If you invent upgrades or find new ways of using the SATRAN, we hope that you contact us and share your designs so we can post it here on the website for all to enjoy.

All the files for the MK1 is now open source. This enables you to 3D-print most parts at home and construct your own electronics. Please mind, no support or warranty is given for this older version.

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All official downloads

License Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0. Use at your own risk, Danaco assumes no responsibility for damages caused. Please comply to local laws and regulations when operating radio equipment.

DownloadDescriptionLast update
MK2 manual (pdf)Instruction manual for the new Satran MK22022-03-28
Elevation assembly (pdf)MK2 elevation assembly instructions2022-07-02
Antenna hold 15mm (.STL)Antenna holder for 15x15mm square tubing (MK1 and MK2)2022-03-28
MK1 Bill of materials (pdf)List of all parts needed to assemble a Satran MK12021-02-22
MK1 3D files (rar)Files ready to 3D-print, including readme.txt2021-04-14
MK1 assembly (pdf)Step by step instructions2021-05-21
MK1 Firmware (.rar)Arduino IDE code for the NodeMCU microcontroller2021-05-19
MK1 38mm pipe mount (.rar)File (STL) for 3D-printing a 38mm round pipe mount2021-05-19
MK1 PCB Schematic (.pdf)Electronics for MK1 v.1.1 control board2021-08-08
MK1 PCB Gerber (.zip)PCB production ready files for MK1 v.1.12021-08-08

Third party downloads

Most of these addons have been developed by our amazing community. The license is always Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 unless otherwise stated, and I do not assume any responsibility for them.

MK1 pipe mount 32mm
Created by Manuel EA1BNF
Download STL (zip 168kB)

MK1 SQ-29 Tripod mount
Created by Pieter ON6PH
Download STLs (zip 295kB)

MK1 bearings holder
Created by Vladimir OM7VP
Download STL (zip 176kB)

How to assemble MK1

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