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You can 3D-print your own!

To make the SATRAN available to as many as possible, all STL-files needed to 3D-print the parts are open source under Creative Commons.

This enables you to make most parts almost for free at home and only buy the electronics from the shop or perhaps even construct your own.

If you invent upgrades or find new ways of using the SATRAN, we hope that you contact us and share your designs so we can post it here on the website for all to enjoy.

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Other great downloads

Most of these addons have been developed by our amazing community. The license is always Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 2.0 unless otherwise stated, and I do not assume any responsibility for them.

Pipe mount 32mm
Created by Manuel EA1BNF
Download STL (zip 168kB)

SQ-29 Tripod quick mount
Created by Pieter ON6PH
Download STLs (zip 295kB)

How to assemble

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