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App wont start

Hi All.


Thought i would do a demo at our club with the satran ver 1.0 and the app for android wont start, comes up with an error.


Tried restarting phone, uninstall reinstall etc but no good.


Software is v2.1 build 12


Satran unit is fine i can browse to it and control it fine.


Any ideas ?






It has to do with buffer of the app, clear app buffer and it wil start again.

for me that works, and i thouhgt that Daniel is working on that.


Hi Lemmy,


Thanks for the reply.


I'm afraid that didnt fix the issue.


It still now bombs out, no error message, just drops back to "desktop"


Thanks, still fiddling






Quote from vk7zbx on 2022-01-27, 16:10

It still now bombs out, no error message, just drops back to "desktop"

This is probably an issue with the app not handling incorrect TLEs or geostationary satellites. Also it might crash or start very slow if you start it without a good internet connection, since the app automatically connects with Celestrak to fetch fresh TLEs on startup. I am working on an update for the app that will fix this, but until then, if you cant start the app try this:

1. Close the app and open the settings on your android phone
2. Locate the "Apps" menu choice
3. Find the "Satran Control" app and click it
4. Choose "Storage"
5. Click on the button "clear data" which will wipe all settings. "Clear cache" will not help you.
Restart the app

There is now a new update available for the app that fixes this issue, plus a few upgrades enabling faster bootups and the option to choose when to download satellite data so you can download TLEs in advance and then use the app even where there is no internet connection available.

Start the app and you should be prompted automatically to install the update, or search for "Satran Control" on Google Play and press the update button.