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Mechanical work just completed.
But first start-up attempt unsuccessful.

I have problems with rotator initialization from my smartphone.

Will try from my computer

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Looks great!

Initialization is done on the built-in microcontroller and not in your smartphone or computer, so something might be wrong. After the wifi setup is finished, it starts by moving the elevation ("up/down") and then the azimuth ("rotation"). If it starts the other way around you might have switched the two motor cables.

What happens when you plug in the power?

Have you gone through the steps to connect to your local wifi first?

I'm here to help! For faster support you can also reach me at


Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your response.

I´ve checked the connections and the two limit switches were interchanged (silly mistake, HI)

Before last attempt, all connections are in the right place but something's still wrong and I am unable to pass third step of setup process:

  • When connecting 9V power supply, blue LED shines briefly and a a slight noise comes from motors, but nothing moves.
  • Then, I´m able to connect my smartphone to "SATRAN_setup" WiFi. (screenshot-1).
  • I also can see IP adress of the microcontroller (screenshot-2).
  • But when entering setup (    on a the browser window) the "network" box does not show anything and seems to be blocked (screenshot-3)

Several attempts after pressing the reset button have always ended in the same way: blocked i the 3rd step.

Any suggestions?

Uploaded files:
  • Screenshot-1.png
  • Screenshot-2.png
  • Screenshot-3.png

After you have entered your wifi password and chosen network, the access point ("hotspot") in the Satran gets turned off. You then need to connect to your own home wifi and login to your wifi router and see what IP the Satran has gotten.

Or you can check on your phone what IP you get from your home wifi (like you have done in the second picture, but with the wrong wifi). Open a browser and enter a higher IP until you reach the Satran manual control interface. If your phone has then try, then and so on.


Just setup is completed. Many thanks for your last instruction post!

Rotator has been initialized correctly through my home wifi router, and now both the manual instructions and the application appear to work well.

Now I have a question: can I do the same setup process, using as wifi router the shared connection of a smartphone?

(I think I would need one smartphone as an access point and another one to perform steps 1 to 3 of the setup process)

Because I intend to use the rotator in portable operations, and the only wifi access point would be the smartphone itself.

Yes you can use the "hotspot" in your android smartphone and control the Satran directly from your smartphone without any router. BUT you will need to use an extra smartphone or computer when you do the setup. Step by step instructions can be found in the FAQ on the support page.