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Guide holes too large in step 8?

Hey, I'm assembling now and I'm finding the holes for the 6x 2.5x6mm screws are a bit too large or too deep and the screws don't fasten. This is probably a printer tolerance thing but it might be worthwhile making them a little smaller so there's more for the screw to bite into.

Have had the same issue with my self printed parts and the supplied 2.5x6mm screws during assembling.
I used some available 3x6mm screws, which did fit perfectly.

Probably the mounting wholes in top-cover.stl should be changed to a smaller diameter.

73 de Alex, DK4FT

That's also what I ended up doing and can confirm it seems to be holding.

Thx for the tip!

The top plate print files has been updated now.

Actually the problem is probably the screws and not the print, since they are replaced in the kits with 2.2x6.5mm and not 2.5x6mm. The later was impossible to find locally and hence needed to be temporarily swapped since my delivery times for the "correct" screws are 6-7 weeks.