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New app version is out!

Finally a new version of the app is available from Google Play, that automatically fetches all satellite data from Celestrak and offers you an easy to use search functionality.

Older versions of the app does not have working in-app updates so please open Google Play and search for "Satran Control", then click on "update" to get the latest version, or enable automatic updates in your phone settings

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Hi Daniel, great to hear about this update but it seems not to be working at least for me. When I search for a satellite under the Keplers tab nothing happens, the version I'm using is 1.3 and says on Google Play that it was updated on May 30, 2021 and the app is installed on my One Plus 7t.

Hi Saud, there was an error that didnt show up during testing of the app. But a fix is in the making and should hopefully be out soon.

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