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SatNOGS support


Is there any possibility to connect the rotator to the SatNOGS station? Unfortunately I don't see it on the hamlib list (, so probably there is no support for now?


Thanks in advance for the answer.

  • I use an application on android for satellite tracking. 
  • Look4sat
  • She offers to configure her rotor but I don't have the port number.
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Thanks but unfortunately it doesn't answer the question. I'm asking specifally for the SatNOGS support and how to connect to their system 🙂

The MK2 and the upcoming MK3 uses a custom rotctld (daemon for hamlib rotctld), a TCP socket that listens for rotctl-commands (port 4533) which is the same Satnogs use and also the Gpredict PC freeware. But I have not had the hardware to test it with a Satnogs setup or heard of any customer that has tried it yet.