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start-up impossible

hello, that's it all the parts are printed, the assembly is finished.

First start-up, the rotor rotates on itself, then descends at the end of the stroke then rises at the end of the stroke and so on without stopping!

software side I entered the wifi, I recovered the IP address on my router, the problem when I enter this information in the application
and that I validate them the application closes and does not keep the gps location once the application has restarted.
impossible to take control the rotor only goes up and down, blocking 30s at the end of the stroke

What's wrong?


As much for me I located the problem during the 3d printing my printer slightly filled the hole of the limit switch of the azimuth. suddenly the end of the race was inoperative.

remains to take in hand the application which still does not want to record my GPS coordinates ...

moreover I have not yet found how to choose the satellite that we want to point. more than to dig a little to quote apllication to be

Glad that you found what the issue was. The part "turntable" has an indentation on the bottom which is the end-position for the limit switch. If this is filled upp with plastic "support" during 3D-printing it needs to be removed otherwise the Satran will keep on rotating and not find the start position.