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Stepper Motor Source

Hi Daniel,

looks like the stepper motor shown in one of the videos is a 17HS1352-P4130.  I was searching for a supplier but only found them at AliExpress. Do you know by chance a European supplier to get them a little faster,  or do you know of an alternative stepper?

Armin, DJ2AG

Hi, the motors needed are a bit special with 30mm height (17HS12-1204S). I havent found any supplier in Europe besides myself =)  I sell stepper motors of the correct type in the shop now, without needing to buy a full kit.

Ok, so these stepper motors are unobtanium.  Do you have some still?  If not, is there a suitable substitute that would work?  Thanks!

You can find the right motor below, it's a chinese supplier but I think they have stock in Europe so delivery is generally quite fast...