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vhf uhf light antenna

Hello, here is a dual-band vhf and uhf antenna, depending on the materials you can make it lighter;

Great tip! Well described, calculations and everything.

Another light antenna.
ps; France is eliminated from the euro 
so no problem to sell me the rotor... 
I will support Sweden.

Dual Band Satellite Yagi

A very light and very short third antenna 
but can be a little weak for the satellite.

The antenna is finished, it weighs 308 grams (0.308kg)
the boom is less than 95 cm. and in width it is 700mm (0.7m).
Tonight I connect the coax and check the two resonance frequencies.
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I managed to hear om in qso on oscar-50. the signal was not very strong but audible.
It is difficult to receive something without knowing the exact position as a rotor can.
I monitor the logs to know if a station has received me.

Icône de validation par la communauté
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