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which antenna?

I received my perfect kit yesterday :), 3D printing is in progress.
what is the ideal weight not to exceed for the antenna? do you need a counterweight?
Does anyone have links to yagi 144 - 400 antennas made by OM with 3D printing of the supports?

F4GLD Olivier

Hi Olivier,
an exact torque depends on so many factors like tuning of the stepper drivers and quality of 3d prints, which is why it is hard to say precisely. But through testing I have found that it is around 500grams. If the antenna is very long or heavy, a counterweight could be helpful, but even better is if you can fasten the antenna closer to the center.

hello, new here and like this project. first question i have. will a arrow antenna do the job on this rotator or is that to heavy.


Hi Lemmy, according to the stats for the antenna it should be possible depending on how you mount it. But I am not 100% certain, would love to get feedback from someone who have tried it! Also how well you put it together and the quality of the plastic parts etc affects how much torque it will handle.

I am however planning on producing my own lightweight dual-band antennas in the future, perfectly suited for the Satran.

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lemmy pc2lr

Id like to also mount kind of arrow antenna

Printing in progress, electronic parts on way, fingers crossed ūüėČ

This is a topic that I'm extremely interested in also.  I was planning on using this for my Arrow Antenna.  Shipping weight (usually over the actual weight) of the Arrow is 1 kilo.  Proper balancing in the middle would put 500g on a side (I'm assuming).  The weight of the cables coming off one end needs to be taking into account as well.   Thoughts?

Probably too heavy yes. I am designing an ultra-compact dual-band antenna that should be available for sale within a few months or less.

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lemmy pc2lr

One last word on the use of the Arrow Antenna.  I have seen an Arrow with a modified boom; drilled out with several holes.  There is an expected weight reduction of around 30%.  That would make the Arrow weigh in at around 700 gm.   Balanced out would make it 350gm on a side.  So, probably borderline too heavy, still.  This drilled out version has been called a LIDSTICK, after the callsign of the ham who thought it out, W8LID.


Hello, I have made the ARROW version witch is on thingyverse.  This is very light with a cabon boom. It is working well. on my MK3 rotor.