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won`t startup.

After trouble with wifi (now working I think)  i have a next problem Grrrr .   When i put power on the rotator i here a Klik in the motors kind off lock and all get stuck. when i remove power all seems to work, i can move the wormgear bij hand no problem. There is happening nothing. motors are getting warm. Followed ale the instructions

Please advice.

Hello, the engines are heating up a bit, this is normal. Danaco said that you had to turn the screw a few degrees in the controller.
the 2 motors block?

Well that don`t work, now i have to flashing bleu leds one above the wifi and 1 next to the lowest little chip. no live at all.

think this is the end of the project, maybe the controllerboard is faulty  all the other steps are checked 3 or more times and are ok.


This issue with Lemmys board has been resolved, but in case anyone experiences similar issues...

The control board has only one push button named "RESET" above the power input that should be used. The smaller reset and flash buttons located directly on the NodeMCU processor board should NEVER be used or the firmware will be deleted and require reflashing of the firmware via USB. In case that happens, please read the FAQ on the support page for instructions.

Also, please use original power adapters or a stable switched power supply. The MK1 control board is sensitive to fluctuating voltages, and should never go above 10 volts or the board may get damaged.

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