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won`t startup.

After trouble with wifi (now working I think)  i have a next problem Grrrr .   When i put power on the rotator i here a Klik in the motors kind off lock and all get stuck. when i remove power all seems to work, i can move the wormgear bij hand no problem. There is happening nothing. motors are getting warm. Followed ale the instructions

Please advice.

Hello, the engines are heating up a bit, this is normal. Danaco said that you had to turn the screw a few degrees in the controller.
the 2 motors block?

Well that don`t work, now i have to flashing bleu leds one above the wifi and 1 next to the lowest little chip. no live at all.

think this is the end of the project, maybe the controllerboard is faulty  all the other steps are checked 3 or more times and are ok.