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Custom MK3 product kit

Does not include controller with box, power supply and other items that may be visible in the product photo. Kit only contains:

2 pcs MK3 plastic parts kit (including gears)
2 pcs Pipe mount 38mm aluminum
4 pcs DC geared motor 60rpm
2 pcs Bearing 6806
2 pcs Bearing F685
4 pcs Bearing 608
2 pcs Aluminum motor bracket
2 pcs Aluminum antenna bracket
2 pcs M8 axle with glued lock nut
2 pcs Rubber grommet PG16
8 pcs Bolt M3x6mm
18 pcs Countersunk screw 3x10mm
24 pcs Flange screw 3x8mm
8 pcs Bolt M3x10mm
8 pcs Lock nut M3
10 pcs Flange nut M8
4 pcs Tapping screw 2.2x10mm
14 pcs Tapping screw 2.2×6.5mm
14 pcs Bolt M5x16mm
6 pcs Hex nut M5
8 pcs Lock nut M5

The kit also includes some complimentary surplus products for free; DIY PCBs, power cable etc.

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