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Kit of all the plastic components for a Satran MK3 rotator. The parts are 3D-printed in light grey PLA-plastic with gears and sensor mounts in natural ASA-plastic, which takes a total of approximately 40 hours to produce on a stock 3D-printer.

Because of the manufacturing process, parts may have slight variations. If needed you can finish the parts with a sharp knife or grit paper, and if the outer parts will be exposed to sunlight you could also spray paint them with acrylic paint in order to protect from UV-light.

Check the bill of materials (pdf) for a full parts list. Some of the gears in this kit are supplied with extra spares.

Please note that PLA has a glass transition temperature of approximately 60 degrees celsius, and can start to get deformed in strong sunlight or environments that can reach above 50 degrees.

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