SATRAN Controller v1.1

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A stand-alone controller board for SATRAN mk1, including 2pcs A4988 stepper drivers and an ESP8266 NodeMCU microcontroller with firmware preinstalled. Add the stepper motors and cables, 3D-print your own hardware and plug it in!

The board needs a stable DC power supply of 9±0.5 volts, capable of 1-2A current.

The board has socket pin connectors for two bipolar stepper motors, plus two small JST-PH connectors for end limit switches (pull-up inputs) and one JST-XH connector for DC power.

This controller can also be used for other projects that utilizes two stepper motors. You can easily write and compile your own firmware to the NodeMCU directly over USB with Arduino IDE.

Version 1.1 have minor improvements over v1, mostly wider copper tracks and a larger capacitor to prevent noise from the stepper motors caused by voltage spikes in the A4988 drivers.

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