“Probably the most inexpensive and fun way to get started with satellite communications”

SATRAN is available as a kit in many forms to suit all budgets. Either buy a complete kit with all you need for assembly, or just buy the control board and source the rest of the components on your own.

The onboard ESP8266 NodeMCU microprocessor has wifi-capability and can be controlled automatically with an easy to use android app that you can install for free from Google Play.

Presenting to you, the SATRAN MK1…

Compact dimensions

The outer dimensions are only approx 18x15x15cm and houses both the Nema17 stepper motors and the controller board inside the black, outer casing.

The hardware consists mainly of 3D-printed parts, with CNC-cut plastic sides and top cover. The total individual components needed to construct one adds up to around 150pcs.

Cables run through center

The azimuth turntable has no center, allowing for power and RF cables to run through. Perfect for mounting it on top of a pipe.

Limit switches keep track of the turntables position, not to twist the cables too far.

Wifi connectivity + app

The rotator runs wirelessly over HTTP via your local WLAN-setup (b/g/n) using the free android app. It could even be controlled over the Internet if you open up ports on your router.

Covers the entire sky

The azimuth turntable can rotate a full 360 degrees, and the elevation approximately 100 degrees down from zenith, covering the entire sky even when mounted on high altitude.

Use it with any small directional antenna (less than 400g), and you have enough precision to pinpoint any LEO satellites.

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